The Warlock’s Curse

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Clara and Angelica Grace have never met ghosts. They’ve never sailed on a tall ship, ridden wild unicorns, or fought with magical weapons. Instead, the teenage twins have a wretched existence, ignored by their troubled parents in a rundown home and tormented by the town’s snobs.

Everything turns topsy-turvy all of a sudden when discovery of an ancestor’s hidden journal with an odd key to an unknown door leads them into an entirely different realm.

The girls go on a thrilling oceanic voyage to search for mysterious whales, train with a seasoned warrior, and are befriended by a wise Master. But all is not a bouquet of lovely lilies…they are hunted by a cunning warlock and must rid themselves of The Warlock’s Curse.






Follow Angelica and Clara as they step through a glistening portal to encounter fascinating new places and harrowing danger.

Love And Friendship

Love for family, home, and friends permeate the twins' world as they persevere in their old, rundown estate and later choose to step through an ethereal gateway into the dreaded unknown. Love fuels the twins' desire to save their family...and even worlds, from the ambitions of a cunning warlock. There is also the help offered by friends, whom the twins meet throughout their perilous journey...all for love.


Enter a world laced with true and deep magic where mystical creatures and extraordinary beings abound.

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Winner of The Literary Titan Gold Award

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3 reviews for The Warlock’s Curse

  1. 5 out of 5

    Marvin O

    The Warlock’s Curse is a thrilling, fast paced adventure novel full of mayhem and magic. Unanticipated plot twists and colorful characters kept me hooked as Clara and Angelica leave their “uncomfortable”, “not-normal” world of Seacrest and step out into the unknown. I felt like I was taking every step of their journey right alongside them. A must story for fantasy lovers.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Literary Titan

    The Warlock’s Curse by C.B. Oresky is a thought-provoking journey across the cosmos. Centered around two girls who are anything but ordinary, the story of overcoming personal problems and fighting to save countless lives has multiple layers of depth. This fantastic tale dares to explore multi-dimensional travel, differing modes of existence, and deep philosophical themes seldom found in middle-grade fiction. The bond between the twins can be stormy but always comes through in the end. I loved the ever-telescoping cast of characters, from gentle Phileus to the stalwart captain, as the book comes to a Tolkienesque end sequence that leaves the reader satisfied with the possibility of many more adventures to come. This thrilling race to protect the multiverse is perfect for any avid readers of complex fantasy adventures. The Warlock’s Curse is an incredible journey through familiar and completely new worlds as twins Clara and Angelica risk everything to protect life across the dimensions.

  3. 5 out of 5

    A M Adams

    C.B. Oresky’s The Warlock’s Curse takes twins Angelica and Clara Grace to a land far away beyond our one mooned planet to a place where drogans roam the skies and Foulmouth, the One True Master, rules, or does he?

    Angelica and Clara may look alike, but their personalities and temperaments are opposites. Outgoing and brave, Angelica talks the timid Clara into the adventure of their lives to escape the doldrums of their existence at Seacrest, a rundown mansion on the New England coast town of Coldport. Rumored to be haunted, the dilapidated mansion creaks and moans as if alive. It’s rotting porch and leaky roof cause shame for the girls and stress for the parents, who can’t afford to live any place besides this house built over a century ago by their distant grandfather Claudius Grace, a sea-captain believed lost at sea.

    Picked on by the Fabulous Five, an all-girl gang of bullies, the sisters long for better times and the family riches that were lost by their relatives. If they could only help their parents, maybe the fighting would stop, and they could live normal lives with nice clothes and an occasional vacation away from the dreadful Seacrest.

    Oresky builds a world of ghosts and magic, or gems and swords that possess power beyond imagination, and portals that transport the girls to a world of reconciliation and great danger. They meet Urtleby, the famous warrior general who turns the tides of war, Foulmouth, the warlock who has cast the spell that ruined Angelica and Grace’s family fortunes, Aomar, an enlightened being that aids them, and they meet their distant ancestor, Claudius Grace, who wants nothing more than to defeat the evil warlock and return his family to the status it once knew.
    Angelica and Clara may be opposites in temperament and bravery, but they work together to overcome evil in this daring adventure that will take readers to fantastical realms, where dreams are worth fighting for and reaching for the stars is not impossible.

    C.B. Oresky’s The Warlock’s Curse provides hours of reading escape for children and adults alike. This book earns five-stars for creativity and magical adventure.

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