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C.B. Oresky

Award Winning Novelist

Fascinated by the works of Tolkien and C.S. Lewis, C.B. Oresky began writing her own fantasy novel, The Warlock’s Curse, after dreaming of being whisked off to an alien realm. Besides her debut novel, she has seen four of her short stories published in a small, national literary press: Conceit Magazine. When she’s not writing, she can be found wandering through the  woods, dancing flamenco, or planting flowers in her garden. She currently lives in a small town in Connecticut with her bodybuilder husband, their exceptionally naughty Scottish terrier and Siamese cat, ten chickens, Mr. Tiggy the hedgehog, and a yard filled with majestic flowers.



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Avis M. Adams


Oresky builds a world of ghosts and magic, and gems and swords that possess power beyond imagination, and portals that transport the girls to a world of reconciliation and great danger. They meet Urtleby, the famous warrior general who turns the tides of war; Foulmouth, the warlock who has cast the spell that ruined Angelica and Grace’s family fortunes; Aomar, an enlightened being that aids them; and they meet their distant ancestor, Claudius Grace, who wants nothing more than to defeat the evil warlock and return his family to the status it once knew.

Angelica and Clara may be opposites in temperament and bravery, but they work together to overcome evil in this daring adventure that will take readers to fantastical realms, where dreams are worth fighting for and reaching for the stars is not impossible.

C.B. Oresky’s The Warlock’s Curse provides hours of reading escape for children and adults alike. This book earns five-stars for creativity and magical adventure.

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Marvin O


The Warlock’s Curse is a thrilling, fast paced adventure novel full of mayhem and magic. Unanticipated plot twists and colorful characters kept me hooked as Clara and Angelica leave their “uncomfortable”, “not-normal” world of Seacrest and step out into the unknown. I felt like I was taking every step of their journey right alongside them. A must story for fantasy lovers.

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Jennifer Walker

Winner of a prestigious Literary Titan Gold award for “perfect delivery of original content, utilizing fresh themes to convey innovative ideas, and deftly using elegant prose to transform words into expertly written literature”, The Warlock’s Curse by C. B. Oresky is a thrilling, swashbuckling, captivating tale of twin sisters who find a hidden key to an enchanted, otherworldly realm.
I loved encountering singing whales, wild unicorns, mysterious ghosts, magical weapons, drogans, and cat language. I enjoyed traversing the oceans with a stalwart sea captain and cheered for the courageous allies who helped the sisters battle the wicked warlock and remove the curse which plagued their family for generations.
Delightful, witty, and imaginative, “The Warlock’s Curse” is sure to please readers who enjoyed “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” and “The Chronicles of Narnia”.
An engaging, exhilarating adventure that is well worth a five-star review!

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T.P. Warren

I was completely captivated by this imaginative and entertaining story. The author really nails the middle grade ‘voice’ and the writing is smooth and vivid and compelling. I think young kids will adore this book. Even as an adult, I was enthralled.
I love the twin protagonists. Having two daughters of my own, I found the fighting one minute and being loving the next very realistic. I felt bad for them with their chaotic home life. But the adventure they embarked upon made up for all that. Although fraught with danger, it was an exhilarating experience and the girls were pretty bada$$. I definitely hope to read more books in the series. This one was a winner!